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SCSI Ultra2/160/U320 LVD Cable (VHDCI68 to HD68 M/M), 3 ft. (0.91 m)

Part Number:  S455-003

  • Short length cable for Server to i.e., Tape Loader Storage
  • Premium double-shielded cable
  • Meets the most current SCSI specifications for high-speed devices
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Moving your network into the next phase of SCSI solutions? Look no further than Tripp Lite's brand of SCSI U320/U160 cables. Supports all legacy transfer rates including Ultra 320 . Multi-platform SCSI III external peripheral cable, VHDCI68M/HD68M. This 3-ft. (0.91 m) cable is designed to connect two SCSI III (fast and wide) or SCSI II devices together. Manufactured using double shielded 34 twisted pair high impedance cable. Constructed with low-capacitance, impedance matched, 28 AWG, stranded, tinned copper cable with insulated in polypropylene.


  • Supports all SCSI transfer rates through 320Mbps
  • LVD/SE compliant
  • Backwards compatibility with previous SCSI generations
  • Double shielded (foil and braid)
  • All Tripp Lite SCSI products, regardless of the SCSI generation, meet the latest specifications of ANSI
  • Tripp Lite offers a complete line of internal and external solutions for SCSI/RAID and fibre channel ranging from the very latest Ultra 320 to legacy SCSI-1 and every combination in between

System Requirements

  • Any external SCSI device or host controller card requiring VHDCI68 or HD68 interface

Package Includes

  • 3-ft. (0.91 m) SCSI U320/U160 LVD/SE cable, VHDCI68M to HD68M
RoHS compliant


UPC Code037332138187
Cable Jacket ColorBlack
Cable Length (ft.)3
Shipping Dimensions (hwd / in.)0.50 x 6.00 x 6.00
Shipping Weight (lbs.)0.40
Side A - Connector 1VHDCI68 (MALE)
Side B - Connector 1HD68 (MALE)
Product Warranty Period (Worldwide)Lifetime limited warranty

Questions & Answers

The difference between the cables is the speed. A U320 will support all current SCSI speeds. A U160 cable is not designed to support a U320 speed (it could decrease the system speed to the U160 level).
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