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Industrial IT Solutions

Power, protect and connect Industry 4.0

Factories, warehouses, and commercial facilities are digitalizing their operations to establish command and control from top to bottom. Smart-sensors, collaborative robots (cobots) and augmented reality (AR) machine operation are at the forefront of this time-saving, cost-reducing transformation. To make these innovations possible, organizations are relying on Ethernet-based power and connectivity solutions that can withstand harsh environments.

Dust, moisture, extreme temperatures, electrostatic discharge (ESD) and other industrial environmental factors degrade the performance and longevity of IT systems. Tripp Lite by Eaton industrial solutions are built specifically for reliable performance in applications with these contaminants. The solutions include cabling with IP-68-rated M12 connectors and power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, as well as industrial UPS systems, surge protectors, switches and equipment mounting/storage solutions. Tripp Lite by Eaton industrial solutions make Industry 4.0 a reality in even the harshest spaces.

Durable connections

With IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) smart technology, every millisecond in data transmission affects the bottom line. Wired smart devices on today's factory floors require connections that are fast and latency-free, even when subject to vibration, humidity, electric shock and other performance-degrading factors.

Maintain the reliable connections required for Industry 4.0 with cables and connectivity solutions that are purpose-built for harsh environments.

Reliable power protection and distribution

For sensitive IT devices to perform optimally and stay operational in industrial spaces, they require safe, reliable power.

UPS systems that can perform in hot, dirty, crowded and otherwise non-traditional IT installations provide the power conditioning and battery backup needed to keep expensive factory-floor electronics running.

Rugged surge protectors and power strips with outlet covers fit in hard-to-reach places and offer transformer outlets, extra-long input cords and metal casing options.

Eaton DIN rail industrial UPS

Sophisticated management

UPS systems, PDUs, network switches and console servers can be- controlled as network devices for dynamic power management capabilities, even in harsh conditions and during off-hours shifts.

This includes:

  • Remote monitoring and management via SNMP, web, SSH or Telnet
  • Customizable power alerts
  • Reboots of unresponsive equipment (no site visit required)
  • Automated mass configuration and updating of multiple units
8-port unmanaged industrial ethernet switch - 10/100 Mbps, ruggedized, -40° to 75°C, DIN mount

Flexible deployments

Hot-spots, moving carts and machinery and other potential hazards common in industrial spaces restrict when and where IT equipment can be stored and operated. These solutions help ensure the right devices can go in the right places for the most optimal Industry 4.0/IIoT setup.

Heavy-duty industrial cabinets provide an extra degree of protection for sensitive electronics. Wall-mount enclosures store equipment safely and conveniently off the floor.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches, midspans and cabling power network devices with more flexibility and fewer costs than standard electrical runs.

AV solutions help industrial operators securely install displays out of harm's way.

Charging stations and carts keeps laptops and tablets secure and organized while charging; rolling models can be easily relocated to accommodate factory-floor activity.

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