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A safer space to work and learn

safe-IT products

High-touch surfaces can harbor harmful bacteria. To address this concern, Eaton offers an assortment of products designed to minimize the presence of germs. These Safe-IT solutions help provide everyday protection and peace of mind to users and installers of frequently handled equipment at home and in the workplace.

Extra Protection Against Bacteria

Safe-IT Ethernet, USB and video cables are constructed from materials with antibacterial properties, making them 99.9% effective in inhibiting E. coli and staph pathogens. These cables are ideal for areas where cleanliness is essential, including hospitals, schools, shared office spaces, restaurants and kitchens.

Safe and Effective Ultraviolet (UVC) Sanitization

Eaton's hospital-grade charging carts feature chemical-free ultraviolet (UVC) sanitization and antimicrobial protection to help reduce the presence of germs. Inside the enclosures, timer-controlled UVC lights disrupt the DNA of microorganisms and prevent them from replicating.

Patented Antimicrobial Coating

Many Safe-IT products have a patented antimicrobial coating with silver ionic technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi.

antibacterial ethernet, usb and video cables

Antibacterial Ethernet, USB and Video Cables

Antibacterial cables are ideal for shared workspaces requiring extra protection against bacteria.

Safe-IT antibacterial hospital-grade power cords

Antibacterial Power Cords

Safe-IT™ hospital-grade IEC power cords are designed for computers, mobile carts, printers, scanners, monitors and other compatible hospital equipment.

medical-grade antimicrobial power strips and surge suppressors

Power Strips and Surge Protectors

Medical-grade antimicrobial power strips and surge protectors are designed for use in healthcare environments.

UV charging cart

UVC Sanitizing Hospital-Grade Charging Carts

UVC sanitization and antimicrobial protection help reduce the presence of germs on mobile devices.

antibacterial faceplates and boxes

Faceplates and Boxes

antimicrobial rolling TV and display carts

Rolling TV/Display Carts

antimicrobial height-adjustable workstations

Height-Adjustable Workstations

antimicrobial TV and display mounts

TV/Display Mounts


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