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charging carts

USB and AC Charging Stations and Carts

Charge, sync, secure and organize up to 48 tablets or 36 laptops in a locking steel enclosure. Recommended for iPad, Android, Kindle, Surface, Chromebook, MacBook and full-size laptops.

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display mounts

Displays, Mounts and Rolling Carts

Mount monitors, projectors, TVs and interactive white boards in classrooms, auditoriums and offices. Features like tilt, swivel and rotate help improve viewing angles and engage students.

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digital signage

Digital Signage

Connect high-resolution sources to one or multiple displays within the classroom or to other rooms up to 2,000 feet away. Solutions available to extend, split, convert or adapt A/V messages.

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surge protectors power strips

Surge Protectors & Power Strips

Guard sensitive classroom electronics against power surges, spikes and line noise with a surge protector, or provide extra outlets wherever they are needed with a power strip.

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ups systems

UPS Battery Backup

Prevent disruptions to power-dependent digital learning with an uninterruptible power supply. UPS systems also protect VoIP phones, security cameras, intercoms, alarms and servers that store student data.

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cables and connectivity

Cables and Connectivity

Connect classroom or office technology with over 2,500 solutions including fiber and copper network cables, A/V cables, USB cables, power cords, adapters, hubs and docking stations.

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wall-mount racks

Wall-Mount Racks

Save space and secure equipment such as routers, servers, video equipment, UPS systems and other limited-access devices. Wall-mount racks fit easily in closets to keep equipment out of the way.

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rack cabinets enclosures

Rack Enclosures

Secure and house IT equipment and A/V components. In cramped network closets and school offices, wall-mount models use space efficiently and keep equipment easily accessible.

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power distribution units

Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

Distribute power to multiple computers, switches and other equipment within a rack. Available features include power monitoring, remote management, auto transfer switching and individual outlet control.

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network cables

Network Cables

Connect your school's network and its components with Cat5/Cat6 cables or fiber cables for a wide variety of standards. All products are tested and certified to ensure reliability and compatibility.

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ups battery backup

UPS Battery Backup

Provide reliable and manageable battery backup power for your school's office computers, unified communications system, security cameras, intercoms, alarms and servers.

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patch panels

Patch Panels

Organize and connect Ethernet, A/V, coaxial and other network cables with patch panels, breakout cassettes, keystone jacks, connectors, couplers and wall plates.

Explore Patch Panels and Hardware
kvm switches

KVM Switches

Control multiple school or district servers with a single keyboard, monitor and mouse. Models with IP remote access enable network management from virtually anywhere.

Explore KVM Switches
rack cooling

Rack Cooling

Cool servers and other data center equipment effectively and cost-efficiently. Portable AC solutions even fit into network closets and other small spaces.

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