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HDMI over Dual Cat5/Cat6 Extender Kits

Title HDMI over Dual Cat5/Cat6 Extender Kits
Duration 03:26 (mm:ss)

Hi, this video is going to cover two Tripp Lite products that allow you to extend HDMI well beyond the 5 meter distance limitation that HDMI is typically constrained to up to about 125 ft. These two products allow you to extend HDMI beyond the 5 meter distance limitation via Cat6 cable. The two products are similar in the respect that they use Cat6 cable as their transport media, but they operate in different ways that we’ll show you here in a second.

The first product is Tripp Lite’s P167-000 wall plate. The kit comes with two wall plates--one, a source wall plate, which is just a passive wall plate, and also a display side wall plate, which has an active repeater chip that takes the HDMI signal and fully regenerates it for the last couple of feet to your plasma or HDTV. On the rear of the wall plates, is a 110-type punchdown panel. If you’re familiar with punchdown and Ethernet, it’s the same principle. You match up color wires to the color codes on the punchdowns. We do supply you a tool to punch down the bare wires to the backs of the wall plates. Just follow the color codes; it’s fairly simple. You do need two Cat6 cables when you punch down to the backs of these wall plates.

Once you’ve completed your Cat6 termination, all you do is take an ordinary HDMI cable, plug it into the source wall plate, which then plugs into your DVR or your cable satellite box, and then again at the display side, and plugged into your HDTV. Again, the built-in repeater chip gives you a full strength signal into your HDTV allowing you to run up to 125 ft. away from the source display.

The other Tripp Lite HDMI product for Cat6 extension is the B125-150, which uses Cat6 cable also, but instead of punching down you’re using pre-terminated Cat6 patch cables. As you can see the transmitter and receiver units have RJ45 jacks that are marked with DDC and TMDS signal jacks. It’s imperative when you connect your cables, that you connect the TMDS to the TMDS and the DDC to the DDC. On the rear of the units you have standard HDMI jacks, which will then plug into your DVR and your plasma or HDTV display with standard HDMI cables. The transmitter side does have an AC jack on it. You will need power to drive the signal to the remote end, and we do supply you with an AC adapter so be sure to have an outlet nearby.

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