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Device Management

  • PowerAlert Office/Home/MedicalLearn More

    PowerAlert Office/Home/Medical software is available in three packages, each of which provides monitoring and control functions for one or two UPS systems. It is installed on a desktop PC or networked server that connects to the UPS system(s) through a serial or USB cable connection. You can configure it to shut down your computer automatically during a power failure to avoid data loss or equipment damage.

  • PowerAlert Network Shutdown AgentLearn More

    PowerAlert Network Shutdown Agent provides automatic shutdown for a computer that is receiving battery backup protection from an Eaton UPS system, but is unable to connect directly to the UPS system via USB or serial cabling. PowerAlert Network Shutdown Agent is able to "listen" to an SNMP-capable device on the local network that is directly connected to the UPS system, allowing you to configure your computer to shut down when specific power events are detected.

  • PowerAlert Network Management SystemLearn More

    PowerAlert Network Management System is for advanced users only. PowerAlert Network Management System can monitor and control up to 250 SNMP-enabled devices, including UPS systems with a WEBCARDLX or an SNMPWEBCARD**, UPS systems that appear on the network via PowerAlert Local (or previous versions of PowerAlert**) and network-enabled PDUs.**
    ** Software or firmware version 12.04.0040 and above.

  • PowerAlert Device ManagerLearn More

    PowerAlert® Device Manager (PADM) is the firmware that enables remote management of individual Eaton LX Platform devices, such as UPS systems, PDUs and other products that are compatible with WEBCARDLX.

    The latest version, PowerAlert Device Manager 20.0 (also known as PADM20), provides a completely new and improved user experience, with more customizable and intuitive remote management capabilities. Users can organize the dashboard's graphs and interactive gauges to fit their preferences. PADM20 also expands maintenance functions, including firmware update checks, and backup and restoration of device configurations.

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