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Management Solutions / PowerAlert Device Manager

PowerAlert® Device Manager (PADM) is the firmware that enables remote management of Eaton LX Platform devices, such as UPS systems, PDUs and other products that are compatible with WEBCARDLX.

This latest version, PowerAlert Device Manager 20.0 (also known as PADM20), provides a completely new and improved user experience, with more customizable and intuitive remote management capabilities than previous versions. Users can organize the dashboard’s graphs and interactive gauges to fit their preferences. PADM20 also expands maintenance functions, including firmware update checks, and backup and restoration of device configurations.

The Auto Probe feature allows the LX device to automatically execute an action when triggered by a communication failure. For instance, on detecting a loss of network connectivity to a router, an LX device can autonomously cycle the outlet powering the router, thereby rebooting it. This action is performed with no involvement by the user and within moments of failure detection. Aside from reducing network downtime, Auto Probe can help lower expenses associated with on-site support.

PADM20 includes a time-based data log with historical rollup, providing granular detail about power metrics and environmental conditions. It also offers new and enhanced security policies, including the ability to upload SSL certificates for better protection of web-enabled devices. It supports LDAP and RADIUS, ensuring that only authorized users have access to the device interface.


Intuitive Operation

  • Customizable, interactive dashboard lets users organize their interface to best fit their priorities and workflow.
  • Device information and management functions are organized to minimize interface navigation.
  • Browser-based PADM20 interface can be easily accessed with an LX device’s IP address.

Comprehensive Controls

  • User roles and privileges customize access to device management functions.
  • Robust Command Line Interface (CLI) provides an alternate, comprehensive management interface.
  • Embedded battery pack utility streamlines the configuration process and eliminates the need for a separate download.

Performance Data

  • Time-based data log offers insights into power utilization and environmental trends.
  • Event monitoring provides an audit trail of power-related issues.

Reliable Automation

  • Auto Probe feature can autonomously power cycle devices on detection of communication loss.
  • Device backup and restore simplifies change management in support of business continuity.
  • SMS (text) notifications alert IT managers to environmental and power-related events.

Enhanced Security

  • SSL certificate import enhances secure use of LX Platform devices.
  • Support of LDAP and RADIUS helps to consolidate and simplify user management.


PADM20 is compatible with all LX Platform devices and can be downloaded free-of-charge from the Eaton website.

Compatible Products:

  • N-suffix UPS systems
  • Slotted UPS systems and PDUs
  • LX-suffix PDUs
  • PDU3EVN and PDU3EVSR Series PDUs

Getting Help

You can reach Eaton Technical Support here:

Phone: +1 (773) 869-1234
Monday through Friday
7:00 AM to 6:00 PM CST (Central Standard Time)
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PowerAlert Device Manager - click thumbnails to enlarge

PowerAlert PADM20 Dashboard
PowerAlert PADM20 Device Details
PowerAlert PADM20 Device Details
PowerAlert PADM20 Device Properties
PowerAlert PADM20 Event Log
PowerAlert PADM20 Alert Thresholds

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