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How to Reset/Self-Test a SmartPro UPS System

Title How to Reset/Self-Test a SmartPro UPS System
Duration 01:45 (mm:ss)

Performing a self-test on a Tripp Lite UPS system allows the unit to verify the condition of its batteries, as well as ensure proper working order of the internal components used by the unit to operate in Battery Mode. It is also used in attempt to clear any error messages, LEDs, or conditions reported by the UPS, such as an overload or low battery alarm. It is best to perform the reset/self-test function during low operating times, such as after hours or overnight, to ensure power is not lost to critical loads during peak operating hours.

This informative video will demonstrate how to perform a self-test in order to reset Tripp Lite’s Smart UPS systems.

First, make sure the unit is plugged in and turned on. You should see three LEDs on the front of the UPS. Press and hold the mute/test button until you hear a beep. This takes about two seconds, then release it. During this test, one of the three LEDs will flash. This is normal. The self-test will last about ten seconds. The UPS switches to battery to test its load capacity and battery charge. The test will end with three LEDs illuminated, letting you know the unit is reset and ready for use.

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