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Top-of-rack AC unit cools mission-critical rack equipment without the cost or burden of an aisle unit or HVAC-based solution.

  • 3.5kW (12kBTU) cooling capacity protects rack equipment against overheating
  • Top-of-rack mounting saves floor space and allows cold air to flow naturally downward
  • Built-in LX Platform interface allows full remote monitoring and control 24/7
  • Included 7 in. color touchscreen LCD provides real-time settings and diagnostics
  • Self-contained design for easy setup, avoiding costly plumbing or HVAC expenses
  • 1-year limited warranty


12,000 BTU Cooling Capacity Protects Your Equipment and Prevents Expensive Downtime
This SmartRack® precision air conditioning system delivers 3.5kW (12 kBTU) of cooling to your rack equipment to help prevent sudden shutdowns, malfunctions and other failures caused by overheating or fluctuating temperatures. It is ideal for tight-fitting edge micro data centers and other mission-critical IT applications, including retail and commercial outlets (storefronts and branch offices), light industrial environments (factories and warehouses) and research/development locations (laboratories and workshops).

Convenient Space-Saving Design
The SRCOOL3KTP micro data center cooling unit mounts on top of your rack enclosure to save valuable rack space and floor space. Top installation allows cold air to flow downward and heat to rise naturally. The self-contained close-coupled SRCOOL3KTP is designed to work in conjunction with SR25UBAC and SR33UBAC rack cabinets (sold separately), but you can use it with most SmartRack enclosures 33U or lower to deliver precision cooling to installed equipment. The low-maintenance unit requires no HVAC specialist to install.

Rack AC Unit Focuses Cold Air Where It’s Most Needed
The SRCOOL3KTP uses environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant to focus cold air directly into the rack to efficiently cool equipment. Variable fan speed adjusts the cooling output to the need of the IT load to prevent on/off cycling and large temperature swings. An included color touchscreen LCD allows convenient status monitoring and diagnostics right at your fingertips.

Built-In Evaporator Expels the Condensed Water Through the Exhaust Duct
The evaporator expels water through the exhaust duct, which means no costly plumbing connections or water tanks to empty. No external condenser or refrigerant piping is required for operation. Internal leak detection automatically turns off the cooling system to prevent condensate from entering the rack.

Commercial-Grade Components for Reliable Performance
With a 100-percent duty cycle, the SRCOOL3KTP can run continuously without costly downtime. It uses copper tubing that is stronger than the aluminum tubing used in most consumer cooling units. The copper allows higher pressures and better weld joints to stand up to the constant vibration of the running compressor.

LX Platform Remote Network Interface Offers 24/7 Monitoring and Control
The built-in LX Platform’s PowerAlert® Device Manager allows round-the-clock management of the SRCOOL3KTP. You can configure settings, events and actions, as well as power the unit on and off or graph temperatures over time without being on site. You can also receive configurable alarm notifications via email, SMS or SMNP. The SRCOOL3KTP will restart automatically after a power failure.

System Requirements

Recommended for SR25UBAC and SR33UBAC rack enclosures, but compatible with most 33U or lower SmartRack enclosures

Package Includes

  • SRCOOL3KTP Top-of-Rack Precision Cooling Air Conditioner
  • Touchscreen LCD and necessary cabling
  • Rack-mounting hardware
  • Owner’s manual
RoHS compliant


UPC Code037332250636
Electrical Consumption (Max)3536 Watts
Nominal Input Voltage(s) Supported208V AC
Nominal Input Voltage Description208V AC 60 Hz
Input Connection TypeHardwire
Voltage Compatibility (VAC)208
Input Frequency60 HZ
AirflowEvaporator = 600 m3/h / Condenser = 600 m3/h
Cooling TypeActive
Cooling Capacity (BTUs)12000
Cooling Capacity (kW)3.5
RefrigerantR410a (Environmentally friendly, Non ozone depleting)
Refrigerant Amount28.8 oz.
Front Panel LEDsTouch sensitive control panel with multiple LEDs and numerical temperature readout
Material of ConstructionSteel
Form Factors SupportedRackmount
Shipping Dimensions (hwd / in.)22.58 x 29.58 x 50.00
Unit Dimensions (hwd / in.)15.400 x 23.600 x 43.300
Unit Weight (lbs.)168
Audible Noise57 dBA
Operating TemperatureInside rack: up to 100°F (37°C); Outside rack: up to 95°F (35°C). Cooling performance will be reduced if the outside rack temperature reaches 95~113°F (35 ~ 45°C). If the outside rack temperature is greater than 113°F (45°C), the system will go into protection mode (standby).
Network Management CardsWEBCARDLX;  WEBCARDLXMINI 
Network Monitoring Port DescriptionSupports remote monitoring of cooling unit, and site temperature and humidity conditions
Alarm EventsHigh Pressure, Low Pressure, Water Leak
Communications InterfacePre-installed network card; RJ45 Network
Compressor TypeDC Compressor
Dehumidifier2.5 liters / hour
Sound Level (Noise)57dB
Amp Draw Nominal17A
Product CertificationsICES (Canada); UL 60355
Product ComplianceFCC Part 15 Class A (USA); RoHS
Product Warranty Period (U.S. & Canada)1-year limited warranty

Questions & Answers

Excessive heat can damage servers, reducing the life of equipment and potentially causing an unexpected shutdown. Humidity problems can also accompany excessive heat. High humidity can cause condensation and lead to the accumulation of dust on components. Low humidity can cause electrostatic discharge (ESD).

For newer IT equipment, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) recommends an operating temperature of 64°F to 81°F (18°C to 27°C), and a relative humidity (RH) of 60 percent.

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