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Connecting Video Sources to Displays: Over Cat5/Cat6 Solutions

Title Connecting Video Sources to Displays: Over Cat5/Cat6 Solutions
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Over Cat5/Cat6 solutions use cost-effective Cat5 or Cat6 cabling to connect a video source to a display over longer distances than are possible with direct-connect A/V cables. These solutions also support the connection of multiple video sources to multiple displays.

Tripp Lite’s Over Cat5/Cat6 solutions are available for both analog and digital installations.

For a basic installation, you’ll need a transmitter; receiver; Cat5, Cat5e or Cat6 cable; and direct-connect A/V cables.

Transmitters and receivers are designed to send signals a specified distance, so the length of your installation determines which transmitter and receiver are best for your application.

One, two and four-port transmitters are available. Choose a matrix transmitter for installations with multiple video sources.

Use direct-connect A/V cables to connect your video source and local display to a transmitter.

Use Cat5, Cat5e or Cat6 cable to connect the transmitter to a receiver, repeater or receiver-splitter.

To complete the installation, use direct-connect cables to connect the receiver to each remote display.

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