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NIAP-Certified Secure KVM Switch Demo

Title NIAP-Certified Secure KVM Switch Demo
Duration 03:34 (mm:ss)

Government agencies constantly wage war against external threats to their networks. However, while agencies guard against external threats from hackers, they can't ignore threats within the very walls of their facilities. One of the most vulnerable threats of any network is at the desktop, where users have direct physical access to computer equipment. Users, either accidentally or on purpose, can introduce malware or remove classified documents. A single disgruntled employee with a flash drive can cause a security leak of international proportions. To help counter these threats, Tripp Lite offers a line of secure KVM switches that meet the highest security standards certified by the National Information Assurance Partnertship. These KVM switches satisfy the demanding needs of government, military and intelligence agencies as well as private sector organizations that highly secure networks.

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