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PowerAlert Editions - Feature Comparisons

Feature PowerAlert Network Shutdown Agent PowerAlert Local PowerAlert Network Management Software Optional SNMP Network Card
Manage local UPS systems via USB and/or serial cable
Manage multiple local UPS systems from one computer
Add SNMP monitoring and control to non-networked UPS or PDU
Unattended UPS system shutdown
(see note 1)
Data logging
(see note 2)
Event logging
Notification via e-mail
Notification via SNMP traps
Built-in SNMP agent
Execute command script on event
Execute UPS system control commands
Password security
Web interface
Telnet interface
Outlet control
Manage multiple UPS systems on the network
(see note 3)
Mass configuration
(see note 4)
Autodiscover local devices
Autodiscover SNMP-enabled devices
(see note 5)

(see note 5)
SNMP discoverable
Environmental probe (optional)
Requires Java Runtime Environment (free from

1. Must monitor SNMPWEBCARD or PowerAlert Local for shutdown signal
2. Data log stored in RAM and lost upon card reboot
3. Manages up to 250 SNMP-enabled UPS systems, PDUs, or environment sensors
4. Allows mass configuration of PowerAlert Local software or Tripp Lite by Eaton SNMP Network Cards (version 12.04.0040 and above)
5. Discovers Tripp Lite by Eaton SNMP Network Cards and PowerAlert Local software (version 12.04.0040 and above)

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