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Types of UPS Systems

Buying a UPS battery backup for your desktop computer, network or server racks involves consideration of a number of factors, including price and power capacity. But before you delve into the details, first determine the type of UPS you need. UPS systems are divided into three types based on how power flows through the unit: standby, line-interactive and online double-conversion.

Standby UPS

Protects against power surges and provides battery backup in the event of a power outage. AC power passes through the unit under normal conditions and switches to battery mode when a power failure is detected.

types of ups - standby offline

Line-Interactive UPS

In addition to battery backup, line-interactive UPS provide conditioned power, eliminating voltage fluctuations. AC power passes through a voltage regulator, which corrects low and high voltages as needed, and switches to battery backup mode when a power failure is detected.

types of ups line interactive

Online, Double Conversion UPS

Incoming AC power is converted to direct current (DC) and then back to high-quality AC power, free from voltage fluctuations and other distortions common in grid power. Online UPS systems also include a high-efficiency ECO mode, which automatically suspends or resumes double conversion depending on the quality of input power.

types of ups online double conversion

UPS Types

ups power supply
ups for computer
Line-Interactive for Desktops
ups battery backup
Line-Interactive for Networks
server ups
On-Line Double-Conversion
TYPICAL USE Desktop computers, home networks Desktop computers, network workstations and audio/video equipment Network server racks, office networks Mission-critical equipment in data centers and server rooms
Battery Backup
Emergency backup power for utility power outages
Surge Protection
Protection against power surges or spikes
Brownout Protection
Maintains safe voltage levels without using battery power
Overvoltage Protection
Keeps overvoltages from damaging connected equipment without using battery power
Pure Sine Wave Output
Perfect power for sensitive electronics
Fully Online Operation
Zero transfer time to battery
High Availability Features
Ensure power is available and is quickly restored to critical equipment


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