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How to Choose a PDU: Metered PDUs

Title How to Choose a PDU: Metered PDUs
Duration 01:55 (mm:ss)

In this video, we will provide an overview of the Tripp Lite PDU line, then focus on the special features of Metered PDUs.

Tripp Lite makes more than 100 models of network-grade PDUs.

Tripp Lite PDUs are available for all network applications, including data centers, server rooms, network closets and remote cabinets.

Tripp Lite PDUs are divided into four main types: Basic, Metered, Monitored and Switched. Each PDU type after Basic includes all the features of the previous type and also includes additional features.

Basic PDUs provide reliable power distribution from a UPS, generator or utility source to multiple devices.

Metered PDUs add digital load meters for local Current Monitoring to facilitate load balancing and help prevent overloads.

Metered PDUs combine all features of Basic PDUs, with the addition of local current monitoring.

Tripp Lite Metered PDUs feature a built-in load meter for local current monitoring. Load meter displays provide real-time visual data so IT personnel can more efficiently manage power output.

With Metered PDUs, you’ll have the confidence to connect more equipment and increase the utilization of available PDU, UPS and circuit capacity without a reduction in reliability.

All Metered PDUs use a digital LED display that shows the current draw of connected equipment in amps. Metered PDUs with more than one output bank have more than one meter.

3-Phase Metered PDUs use three meters that display the load for each bank and phase.

For more information about Tripp Lite Metered PDUs, including help with selecting the ideal PDU for your application, contact Tripp Lite today!

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