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Desktop Charging Stations

Title Desktop Charging Stations
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Tripp Lite’s new desktop charging stations provide reliable charging, secure storage and convenient cord management for up to 10 tablets or Chromebooks. Because they do not require the amount of space full-sized charging stations require, they are the perfect solution for classrooms, nurses’ stations, reception areas, wait stations, offices and industrial environments in need of charging and storage.

Two versions of these charging stations are available.

The USB version delivers up to 2.4 amps of power to each of its 10 charging ports, and its removable USB charger can be used as a portable charging hub.

The AC version includes built-in AC outlets and a removable surge protector that keeps connected devices safe from power surges and line noise.

The surge protector’s two LEDs let you know that connected devices are protected and grounded.

Each model features a lockable cover that protects against theft, damage and tampering.

For added protection, an included cable combination lock secures the charging station to a desk or table.

While devices are secured and charging, cords are kept clutter-free and organized, and shelf dividers can be removed to accommodate devices of different sizes.

For more information about Tripp Lite’s new desktop charging stations, contact your Tripp Lite representative or our customer support department.

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