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Communicates with a UPS system and a computer, PLC or alarm system to protect connected equipment by initiating automatic shutdowns.

  • Communicates UPS info to an alarm system, PLC or PC via dry contacts
  • Easy to install in an open Mini-Slot bay on a compatible Eaton UPS system
  • Features 5 isolated dry-contact outputs and one isolated dry-contact input
  • Offers a cable exit opening for conduit up to 12.7 mm (0.5 in.)


Relay Card Works with Eaton UPS Systems
This INDRELAY-MS relay card enables network monitoring of UPS system status through a connected computer with a dedicated adapter that provides the essential dry-contact interface between an Eaton UPS and any relay-connected computer, as well as a variety of industrial applications. Network monitoring helps protect the computer by initiating automatic shutdowns. Supported Eaton UPS systems include the 93PM and 93E series.

Communicates UPS Information via Dry Contacts
INDRELAY-MS offers five isolated dry-contact outputs and one isolated dry-contact input. Relays K1 through K5 are identical in function. In some UPS systems, you can assign each output contact function yourself. The card also features a cable exit opening for conduit up to 12.7 millimeters (0.5 inches).

System Requirements

Compatible with Eaton 93PM and 93E Series UPS systems

Package Includes

  • INDRELAY-MS Industrial Relay Card
  • Quick Start Guide
RoHS compliant


UPC Code743172070814
Slot TypeMini-slot
Unit Dimensions (hwd / in.)5.200 x 2.600 x 1.700
Input Dry Contact Ports1 isolated dry contact input
Output Dry Contact Ports5 isolated dry contact outputs
Product ComplianceRoHS

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