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How to Secure, Organize, and Charge Mobile Devices

Title How to Secure, Organize, and Charge Mobile Devices
Duration 02:31 (mm:ss)

Hi, I’m Dave Goss from Tripp Lite, and I’d like to demonstrate how easy it is to use our tablet charging stations to secure and organize your mobile devices while charging them at the same time.

Let’s take a look at a few of our charging stations.

We’ve got 16-, 32- and 48-port versions, and most models are available in black or white. Some models come as pre-configured mobile carts, with pre-installed wheels and handles, and others come as cabinets that can be configured into mobile carts with optional handle kits.

All models support a wide variety of mounting and placement options.

You can hang them on walls with built-in keyhole slots, or place them on desks, counters, or floors.

Inside each cabinet is a series of adjustable shelf dividers that you can use to neatly organize your devices. Just line them up and plug them into the charging ports below the shelves. If they have protective cases on them . . . or keyboards. . . no problem. Just increase the space between the dividers by removing the ones you don’t need. You can organize your cables and keep them neatly out of the way with these grommeted holes. Just route them through the holes and plug them in when you need them.

These models here are for charging iPads and other tablets. They’re equipped with USB ports – powerful ones that provide up to 2.4 amps per port for faster charging – but we also have models for charging Chromebooks and other laptops, with AC outlets instead of USB ports. All of our charging stations, whether they’re for tablets, Chromebooks or laptops, take almost no effort to use. Just plug the unit into a standard wall outlet, and you’re ready to go.

These cabinets provide safe and secure storage for all of your mobile devices. They’re constructed of heavy-duty steel and feature locking side panels and doors. The larger models are equipped with three-point locking systems for additional security. Vented panels prevent devices from overheating during charging.

If you’d like more information about our charging stations, contact your Tripp Lite representative or our customer support department.

Thank you for your interest in Tripp Lite products.

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