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Tablet Charging Stations

Title Tablet Charging Stations
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From education to business, in settings as diverse as the hospital room and the factory floor, mobile devices are transforming every organization.

Their adoption rate is booming nationwide.

For example, more than 700,000 Chromebooks and 700,000 iPads were shipped to U.S. schools last fall.

As tablets and laptops multiply, charging and storing dozens of valuable devices in limited space becomes a big headache and an even bigger security risk.

For a small fraction of the cost of the devices they support and protect, Tripp Lite’s iPad/Tablet and Chromebook/Laptop Charging Stations put an end to cable sprawl and missing assets.

Each charging station organizes up to 48 tablets or 32 laptops and all their required cabling while providing high-speed charging, convenient syncing, secure storage and flexible placement.





USB charging of iPads, HP Chromebooks and other tablets provides up to 2.4 amps per port, matched to each device’s maximum charging speed. This ensures faster charging turnaround times and peak availability of in-demand devices.

Charging of many Chromebooks, MacBooks and other laptops uses standard AC outlets built into the charging station. All the laptops’ AC adapters are hidden inside the cabinet and the cabling is organized so you can plug in up to 32 laptops without clutter.

If you need to sync your tablets while they’re charging, simply connect the charging station’s USB uplink port to your laptop or desktop computer.

The sync function is perfect for loading teachers’ lesson plans, as well as administering and grading of standardized tests, restoring devices to their standard configurations and allowing business managers to download sales receipts or IT administrators updating system software and apps.

Mobile devices represent a substantial investment, not only in equipment, but intellectual property as well.

Theft of mobile devices is an increasing problem in schools and businesses. And if mobile devices get broken or go missing, classroom and worker productivity can plummet until the devices are replaced and fully configured.

The charging stations provide safe storage for all your mobile devices. Steel doors and side-panels lock securely for controlled access without interfering with charging or syncing.

And the charging stations support deployment in a variety of secure mounting and placement configurations, on walls, desks, tables, counters or floors.

An optional caster kit adds wheels. And an optional handle kit allows charging stations to be stacked and guided from place to place.

Tripp Lite charging stations are available for Apple iPad, Android, Surface and Kindle tablets, as well as Chromebooks, Macbooks, UltraBooks and even full-size laptops.

iPad/tablet charging stations with USB charging are available to support 16, 32 or 48 devices. Chromebook charging stations with AC charging are available to support 16 or 32 devices. All models are available in black or white.

Learn more at tripplite dot com slash C S.

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