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3-Phase UPS Commissioning


Commissioning builds a solid foundation for improved reliability, higher efficiency, reduced costs, enhanced safety, fewer repairs, quicker service and longer UPS lifespan. Commissioning helps you verify and document the proper installation and startup of your UPS system at the installation site. Commissioning also registers your UPS, initiates its service record and establishes a working relationship between your organization and the Eaton service team, which is essential for a successful long-term 3-phase UPS deployment.

Your UPS system's factory warranty covers defective parts when installed by an authorized Eaton service technician, but does not cover travel and labor. Commissioning activates an enhanced 24/7/365 on-site warranty, which covers parts, travel and labor. Note: Commissioning includes the UPS system's primary battery. Additional charges may apply for additional external battery cabinets.

What's Included

  • Pre-Startup Validation: Startup is performed after the UPS wiring has been installed, but prior to powering up the unit. You will receive a checklist to help you prepare. You must complete the checklist before startup can be scheduled. Customer responsibilities may include:
    • Obtaining all required licenses and permits
    • Site preparation
    • Physical installation of the unit
    • Installation of wall-mount maintenance bypass switch
    • Installation of AC input and output wiring
    • Installation of wire harnesses between power module and transformer(s)
    • Installation of battery cables between battery cabinet(s) and UPS.
    All electrical work must be performed by a properly licensed electrician in accordance with the UPS owner's manual, National Electrical Code (NEC) and applicable local codes. Eaton will provide telephone support at no charge to assist your electrician with questions about the UPS system's electrical installation. For an additional charge, Eaton can arrange for a field engineer to consult with your electrician at the site. When the pre-startup checklist is complete, you will send proof to Eaton for validation.
  • Scheduling: Eaton will schedule an appointment for startup after pre-startup validation is complete. (Allow a minimum of two weeks for scheduling.) Eaton recommends that your electrician be present during startup to correct any wiring errors. If the equipment has not been installed correctly prior to the startup visit, and the condition cannot be corrected in 30 minutes or less, a repeat visit must be scheduled at additional cost.
  • UPS Startup: An authorized Eaton field engineer will inspect, power and test your installed UPS system. Steps may include:
    • Inspection of your installed UPS system's power module and battery pack, including verification of the UPS input and output wiring
    • Confirmation of the integrity and torque of mechanical connections
    • Setting/assuring proper UPS configuration
    • Measuring/base-lining batteries
    • UPS power-up and verification/calibration to factory specifications
    • Test operation of UPS with loads for up to 15 minutes (if requested in advance)
    • Test operation of UPS with generator for up to 15 minutes (if applicable and requested in advance)
    • User training in basic UPS diagnostic, operational and troubleshooting features.
  • Commissioning Report: After successful UPS startup, a report listing completed tasks and key baseline readings will be kept on file by the Eaton service team for future reference during troubleshooting, maintenance and service.
  • On-Site Warranty: Commissioning activates your UPS system's enhanced 24/7/365 on-site warranty, which covers parts, travel and labor.

Note: Service availability varies by product and region. In addition, your product's warranty may include terms and conditions not described here. Refer to the warranty statement or contact Eaton for more information.

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