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PowerAlert Local software is intended for typical home and small business applications. It is installed on a desktop PC or networked server, and allows the computer to communicate with a UPS system through a serial or USB cable connection. You can use it to monitor power conditions, control your UPS system and enable automatic computer shutdown in the event of a power failure.

PowerAlert Local also allows your UPS system to appear as an SNMP-manageable device on your network, enabling remote monitoring and control via PowerAlert Network Management System software or a third-party Network Management System such as HP Openview or CA Unicenter. If you have two UPS systems connected to a computer to provide redundant backup power, PowerAlert Local can manage both UPS systems. The latest version of PowerAlert Local has a self-contained, compatible version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE), which allows it to operate independent of any other JRE version installed on the computer.


  • Operating System shutdown
  • Ability to monitor multiple UPS systems connected via USB or serial for redundancy
  • Event notification (e-mail or SNMP trap)
  • Logging
  • Device control (reboot outlets, UPS self-test, etc.)
  • Built-in SNMP agent


Eaton Tripp Lite's PowerAlert Software allows users to monitor and control connected UPS systems. PowerAlert works with multiple computing platforms, including Microsoft Windows and Linux. For complete installation instructions, please refer to: PowerAlert Installation Guide

The minimum system requirements for each PowerAlert component are:

Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 & 64 bit), Server 2008, 2012, 2016 (32 & 64 bit)

  • Pentium 4 CPU
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Available USB or serial port
  • Open 3664 and 3665 ports (any firewall)
  • TCP/IP network connection (required if you want your UPS system to appear on the local networkas an SNMP-manageable device)


  • Fedora 8 or OpenSUSE 11
  • Supported RS232 and USB UPS
  • Available TTY port
  • Open 3664 and 3665 ports (any firewall)
  • Root user privileges (required for installation)

Please visit our Software Downloads section for the latest updates. Your operating system may also be supported by a previous version of PowerAlert.

Getting Help with PowerAlert

Before contacting Eaton Tripp Lite Technical Support, please refer to Section 8 - Troubleshooting of the PowerAlert User Manual for possible solutions.

If you are still unable to resolve the problem, you can reach Eaton Tripp Lite Technical Support here:

Phone: +1 (773) 869-1234
Monday through Friday
7:00 AM to 6:00 PM CST (Central Standard Time)
Contact Technical Support

Desktop Workstation or Single Server

Multiple Computers Attached to a Single UPS:

Small Network Configurations

Multiple Computers Attached to a Single UPS / Server With Redundant Power Supplies

PowerAlert Local (PALS) - click thumbnails to enlarge

Actions Menu

UPS system and computer commands that you can execute immediately.

Scheduled Actions

Select an Action from the drop-down menu, set the desired time and frequency parameters (Once, Daily, Weekly, Monthly).

Load Control

You can control the outlets of the UPS system individually by pressing the appropriate "On," "Off" or "Cycle" button.

Load Ramping

Allows you to configure the load ramping behavior; Load ramping sequences are applied when AC input power is switched on.

Load Shedding

Allows you to configure the load shedding behavior; Load shedding sequences are applied when AC input power is lost which increases the battery backup runtime available for supported equipment.

Event Settings

You can configure settings for several event types, including "On Battery" and "Battery Low". For each event, you can configure several settings categories; such as, Graceful System Shutdown and Notification of Event(s).

Email Settings

Email & SNMP Contacts: Email and/or SNMP Notifications can be sent during an event to specified contacts at specified time intervals.

SNMP Settings

E-mail & SNMP Contacts: E-mail and/or SNMP Notifications can be sent during an event to specified contacts at specified time intervals.

Event Log

Displays events that have occurred relating to UPS state or activity.


Can display a table or graph of information concerning UPS data, values and parameters.


SYSLOG is a protocol that allows a machine to send event notification messages across IP networks to up to 4 Syslog Servers.

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For Linux environments, monitoring and shutdown of many Tripp Lite UPS Systems can be achieved using Network UPS Tools (NUT). Please refer to the NUT website for information about supported Tripp Lite UPS Systems and the corresponding drivers:

Older versions of PowerAlert Local for Linux are available in the software archives:; be sure to select the "Include archived files" checkbox on the right side of the page.

Please contact Tripp Lite Technical Support (+1 (773) 869-1234) for the latest information on options for managing Tripp Lite UPS Systems in Linux environments.


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